Stromer ST2 S

Once the lights turn to green, this power will put a smile on the face of any rider wanting to cruise the streets of San Francisco with speed. The SYNO Drive Motor requires practically no maintenance, it delivers lots of torque and provides up to 500 watts of assistance. The ST2 motor provides assistance up to a top speed of 28 MPH, which in urban traffic means you get to your destination faster than in a car.

The battery weight is light and the optimized lithium-ion cells deliver 20% more power, which is equivalent to extending the range by up to 15 miles.

Shimano electronic shifting responds quickly, precisely and reliably to the press of a button. More intuitive activation and a neat and tidy appearance – exactly what the Stromer brand is all about. This bike is all about speed and will allow you to move around the city easily without the use of your Uber app.

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