Stromer ST1 Platinum

The Stromer ST1 Platinum Electric Bike is a lean mean e-powered machine that won’t be mean to your wallet or leave it lean. The ST1 comes equipped with high performance hydraulic disc brakes that have been adapted to the higher speeds and the weight of the e-bike. For increased safety, this bike is equipped with tires that feature integrated puncture protection and increased shock absorption for a comfortable ride. The ST1 Platinum is powered by the rider and a brushless direct-current motor in the rear hub, because the only mechanical contact that occurs in the motor is in the industrial ball bearings, the motor is virtually maintenance free. The ST1 e-bike is at the forefront of e-bike technology, and will give you one sweet ride!

The Platinum comes with a 27-speed Shimano XT, 14.5 amp-hour battery and has a top speed of 30-MPH. It’s no secret that the ST 1 Platinum was built for top speed.

This bike is available new or used.


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