The Velociti is an agile and nimble e-bike from A2B. The design of the Velociti is sleek and understated. The ride is comfortable and relaxed. No need for hard work when you need extra power; you get that from a twist of the throttle.

The battery charges full within 3.5 hours and uses less than 1 KWh of power -- that's only about 20 cents. But that 20 cents buys you the power to climb our most dreaded San Francisco hills, and go up to 20 miles before the next charge. 

Integrated lights turn on automatically when there's no daylight, helping you see the road and keeping you visible. Sleek design features integrated wires, fenders and lights with matching seat and grips. Front shock and larger tires smooth out the ride, adjustable neck for varied positioning. Strong but silent 450 watt brushless and gearless rear hub motor works very well. 10 volt 13.2 amp hour Lithium-ion battery provides great range.  Great bike at an even better price.

This bike is available new or used.

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