A2B Alva Plus

The Alva+ allows you to enjoy your ride with ease and style, offering a maximum power assistance speed of 24mph and a range of 15+ miles (dependent on power setting, rider and riding conditions). The model’s impressive 500W motor and choice of larger, 17ah battery deliver all the range, power and flexibility you need, while features such as hydraulic brakes, magnetic plug to the battery and security e-fob ensure it delivers on performance and convenience.

The pedal assist is based on a TMM4 torque sensor in the rear dropout of the frame.  It senses how much pedal power you are contributing and provides proportional motor assist based on which pedal assist level you have selected. The torque sensing pedal assist bikes generally have a very intuitive ride feel in comparison to pedal assist bikes that have a cadence sensor.

The throttle option is activated at any time, even if you are using the pedal assist mode.  Simply twist the right grip throttle (like a motorcycle or scooter throttle) and you can choose to pedal or not.

A 7-speed gear selection keeps things relatively simple with enough range to help you contribute some climbing power or high speed cruising power Powerful Tektro Aurigia E-Comp hydraulic disc brakes slow the A2B Alva+ down.  These brakes have electronic switches that will turn off the assist when the brakes are engaged.

Charging the battery can be accomplished while the battery is on the bike or when it has been removed from the bike.  There is a lock that secures the battery to the frame and it can be unlocked with the supplied key.

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