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Our first stop in Sausalito was the No-Name Bar, a cozy, wood-paneled spot across the bike parking and public restrooms on Bridgeway Street. Located at 757 Bridgeway, the No-Name is more dive bar than sports bar—despite three TVs showing a mix of hockey, tennis, and NASCAR, the sound was muted and low music was playing. A variety of sports memorabilia was hanging on the walls, but this decor was outweighed by posters for music, art, and adult beverages.


We love having fun here at Blazing Saddles, and the fun is not just for our customers! As a thank-you to our employees for all their hard work over the busy summer season, we offered them a choice between a few fun activities, one of which was an electric bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge!


When I tell people I’m a regular cyclist in San Francisco, people look at me with a mixture of admiration and disbelief. Usually, their big question for me is, “how do you deal with all those hills?” My first answer is something along the lines of, “I don’t.” On my daily rides to and from work or social gatherings, I carefully plan out my route so I can avoid using my lowest gears and I end up cruising from point A to point B. Hills or no hills, urban cycling routes can still be intimidating. Therefore my second answer is, “I get Blazing Saddles to let me test ride some of their electric bikes!” So, with the help of a friend and rookie cyclist, I recently took to the streets of San Francisco and gave these brand-new electric velos a spin.