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3-Layer method with comfort, warmth, and protection

San Francisco is well known for its temperate climate, with average temperatures ranging from 51 degrees Fahrenheit in January (10.6 degrees Celsius) to 62.7 degrees Fahrenheit (17.1 degrees Celsius) in September. Even in our coldest month of January, the average low is 45.6 F, with an average high of 56.5 F. [source]


Our first stop in Sausalito was the No-Name Bar, a cozy, wood-paneled spot across the bike parking and public restrooms on Bridgeway Street. Located at 757 Bridgeway, the No-Name is more dive bar than sports bar—despite three TVs showing a mix of hockey, tennis, and NASCAR, the sound was muted and low music was playing. A variety of sports memorabilia was hanging on the walls, but this decor was outweighed by posters for music, art, and adult beverages.


We love having fun here at Blazing Saddles, and the fun is not just for our customers! As a thank-you to our employees for all their hard work over the busy summer season, we offered them a choice between a few fun activities, one of which was an electric bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge!


As cyclists we should care about our trails. Those endless miles that slip beneath the rubber of our tires create a bond between rider and road that is unparalleled in our lives. So it is natural that we should develop a relationship with the trails we ride daily or discover each time we travel.


Here’s a fact: San Francisco boasts the coldest average summer temperatures among all major cities in the United States. When it reaches upwards of 90 degrees in places like New York or Washington DC in late July, San Francisco usually stays at a cool 60. Not exactly fantastic beach weather; however, it’s perfect for biking - especially if you’re going to Golden Gate Park.