Let Us Entertain Your Holiday Guests

Posted on 12/07/2015
A Blazing Saddles tour guide leads the way on a beautiful bike ride

If you need to take a break – and still want to make sure your guests are in good hands – why not let our professional, local guides show your guests around for a few hours this holiday season?

Our daily guided tour departs from 2715 Hyde Street in Fisherman’s Wharf every single day at 10am and 1pm. The route goes along the car-free, bayside bike path that leads to the Golden Gate Bridge, then across the bridge and into Sausalito. Along the way, our local guide will share entertaining and educational information with your guests, including the history behind the Golden Gate Bridge! Read more about the tour here, and book online so your visitors can get a 20% discount!

If guided tours aren’t their thing, we’ve still got you covered. We open at 8am every single day – even on Christmas and New Year’s Day! Send your visitors our way and our friendly staff will set them up for an easy and fun self-guided bike ride. Most visitors go from Fisherman’s Wharf and then across the Golden Gate Bridge, and you can read more hereThose who want a more urban adventure can get rolling at 433 Mason Street near Union Square, where our staff will show them the flattest and most bike-friendly way to get to Golden Gate Park and beyond. Check out the route description and points of interest here.

Whatever their destination, we’ll show your guests the most bike-friendly way to get there, plus send them off with maps so they can explore San Francisco and the beautiful bay area with confidence and ease. Reservations are never necessary, but we recommend you prebook online for a 20% discount.

We're open at 8am every single day – including all holidays! Send your guests our way for a fun sightseeing adventure and why not consider joining in the fun yourself? Not only does biking reduce stress, it’ll also help you work up an appetite for those big holiday meals… or work off that extra helping of pie! 

Let’s face it: it’s great to have guests visit over the holidays, but hosting can wear you down after a while. Visitors often want to pack as much as they can into their trips, but it can be exhausting to lead the way the whole time!