Bike Safety Tips That May Save Your Life

safety first

We all have heard how “dangerous” it is to ride a bike in the city, right? From your grandmother to your neighbor to the guy who trims your beard, everyone feels the need to remind you that you take your life into (or out of) your own hands every time you roll your bike out your front door. Obviously these people care a lot about you, so go ahead and do them a favor and follow these quick tips to make sure you stay safe for them!

·         Wear a helmet. Every day, every ride.

·         Lights. Front and back.

·         Be seen. Take the lane if you need to. Wear yellow. Bright yellow.

·         Rules of the road. Follow them. All of them.

·         Choose your route. Go an extra block or two out of your way to find a bike lane.

·         No road rage. Ever. Cars are a lot bigger than bikes and can cause dumb damage.

·         Have fun. You’re on a bike!

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